Library Advisory Committee

Library Advisory Committee is established under the Chairmanship of Hon’ Principal and meets twice in a year on regular basis and as per the requirement to discuss any other important matter. Major responsibility of Library Advisory Committee is decision making for continuous improvement in services and processes, and overall smooth functioning of Library.
Sr.No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Vandana Bhagdikar Chairperson (Prinacipal)
2. Dr. Kshma Chavhan Member(Lecturer, Senior College)
3. Dr. Chandrashekhar Gitte Member(Lecturer, Senior College)
4. Mrs. Bharti Shahu Member(Lecturer, Senior College)
5. Shri. Roshan Gedam Member(Lecturer, Junior College)
6. Dr. Smita Giri Member
7. Ku. Nikita Deshbhartar Member (Student Representative PG Department )
8. Sajiya R. Sheikh Member (Student Representative Senior College )
9. Guneswari Khapekar Member (Student Representative Senior College )
10. Arti Kumbhare Member (Student Representative Junior College )