President Sir

Hon.Shree.Ravindra Fadnavis
(President - stree Shikshan Prasarak Mandal)

      “Educate a boy and you will educate an individual . Educate a girl you will educate an entire family.”
Our country has shown rapid improvement in the field of girl’s education since independence. However we cannot rest on our laurels. We have to continue working hard to ensure every girl and boy in this country enjoy access to quality education. The need for empowerment of women through education was keenly felt amongst socially aware citizens before independence as well . A group of dedicated individuals founded Shrimati Dadibai Deshmukh Hindu Mulinchi Shala in 1915 to enable every child to enjoy his/her right to promote education of girls for all-round development. The sapling , which started with just five student has now grown into a gigantic tree nurturing more than 2000 girls by providing quality , comprehensive and all round education. Nearing its centenary year, the school has been striving consistently to raise the bar to ensure its students are qualified to tackle the competitive world outside the school walls. Shouldering the responsibility of educating girls coming from different sections of society and different family background is not an easy task . Resources available of restricted from the Government are limited and twin decisions of restriction on non – salary grants and compulsory free education have increased the burden . Lowering the quality of education or making other similar compromises will affect the well-being of our nation as a whole . The school has done stellar work in women’s education in the past hundred years and intends to do so in the future as well . Educating the female child is not the responsibility of the parents or the governments but it is the social , moral and personal obligation of every citizens. Your helping hand and generous contributions will certainly enable us to continue providing education to girls . This is a fervent appeal to step up and assist us in our bid create an ideal society become relics of the past.

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